Can I Afford A Personal Injury Attorney?

Major Car Accident webEnduring a physical injury due to the negligence of another person is life-changing. You will find that your financial stability has been taken from you, your personal life is now chaotic, and that your job may even be impacted by this event.

You find yourself battling an insurance company that does not want to work with you in a fair manner, and you are frustrated to the point of sickness. Your doctor keeps telling you that to have a proper recovery you have got to reduce your level if stress, but you are not sure how. Your family and friends tell you constantly that you need to hire an attorney, but you have refused because you do not know how to pay for their services.

This entire situation seems to be getting worse, and you do not know what to do.

The Solution – Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

The Law Offices of Ken Nugent is the answer to your problem. This firm, with seven locations located throughout Georgia, is a full service personal injury firm that works on a contingency basis. Contingency fees mean that there is never a cost to you, the inured party, until after your case has been settled.

Attorney Ken Nugent began his practice in Georgia in the 80’s under the belief that everyone should have quality legal representation regardless of their financial standings. He believed that too many people were suffering because they did not have access to any type of legal representation when they had been hurt. He found this an injustice and one that he prepared to correct.

As a new personal injury attorney in Atlanta, he learned that to help the people he needed to be active within the community that he practiced law. Ken Nugent quickly became active in the area of his office and remains so to this day. Each of his seven offices gives back to their community and stays involved so that their communities remain a place they all wish to live and work in.

As word spread around that Ken Nugent fought for everyone that was hurt, his case load exploded. Quickly he had to expand and bring in additional attorneys to help cover the cases. Eventually, additional law firm offices were opened to help serve more of the population of Georgia.

To work as a personal injury attorney for Ken Nugent, the attorney must have a broad sense of compassion and be dedicated to serving the client’s needs and not their own. Even now, so many years after opening is first practice in Atlanta, Ken Nugent remains dedicated to the clients and determined to ensure that justice is served to all.

If you have been injured in any type of accident, do not think that you have to face this hardship alone. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Ken Nugent are ready to help you. Professional staff members are available to speak to around the clock, and your consultation appointment is absolutely free. There is never an upfront cost to any case that is accepted, allowing everyone to have access to quality legal representation when they need it most.